A Bold Bet

This mechanical movement corresponds to the perfectly assembled organs of a timepiece, its beating heart. Jean Depéry, our founder, had always dreamt of developing and producing all the components of a watch, from the simplest parts to the most sophisticated complications. In a bold bet on our future, a few years ago we therefore decided to launch the conception of our own in-house movement, the last step to becoming a fully independent watchmaker. This development of our mechanical movement and its assortment corresponds to the achievement of the life of passions and dreams of our founder. It opens a whole new world for the Emile Chouriet manufacture, a world of unlimited possibilities.

A Feminine Elegance

We have chosen to dedicated our first in-house mechanical movement to our women’s timepieces. To design this movement, we had to ceaselessly redraw the parts in order to find to perfect curves and manufacture the perfect balance. The round shapes of the movement and fluidity of its motions evoke elegance, harmony, and lightness, all the feminine qualities which are also characteristic of the design of our women’s collections. Timekeeping is poetry in millimetres, and today women are more and more interested in the tradition of watchmaking, becoming genuine connoisseurs who expect not only beautiful designs but also the very best technology available.

A Beating Heart

The main part of a watch mechanical movement is the balance spring. It's a very fine hair spring bound to the balance wheel in order to create the oscillator . The adjustment of the balance hair spring is an extremely complex and delicate operation, which explains why very few watch manufactures produce their own oscillator. There is something magical when the oscillator starts beating, like a heart. Despite the progress of science and technology, the basic formula of this beating heart remained the same since it was discovered by the 17th century Dutch mathematician and scientist Christiaan Huygens. Our watchmakers had to develop a precious expertise for the production and adjustment of this oscillator. An operation of delicate alchemy that leads to a very precise and regular 4 hertz frequency oscillations. It makes Emile Chouriet one of the rare manufactures to produce its own in-house oscillator.

High Quality

Our prototypes have been tested in independent laboratories to guarantee the respect of the highest quality standards. We have also tested the movement under real-life conditions, a test which confirmed the precision and durability of our calibre, making us proud of this achievement. The EC5318 project began three years ago, and will now lead to the development of new movements and complications, in particular for our men’s timepieces. This project has been a wonderful experience, but it is only a beginning for us. Now that we have developed the knowledge, expertise, and technology, we can only look at the future with excitement!

EC5318 Datas

Winding Bidirectional self-winding

Diameter 8’’’3/4 ; Ø19.4 mm

Height 4.8 mm

Parts 137

Jewels 27

Vibrations 28’800 a/h (4Hz)

Power reserve approx. 45h

Functions Hours, minutes, central second, date window

Escapement Chouriet Swiss lever escapement

Balance spring Chouriet spring

Decoration Sandblasted, nickel-plated or Geneva Stripes (Côtes de Genève)