An application for the EC5318

To accompany the launch of our new mechanical movement, EC5318, we have developed, together with AIM Services of Geneva, an interactive game for tablets.

It allows visitors to our factory to learn about the magic and secrets of the world of watchmaking. It is informative and educational. The game starts with the 138 wheels and mechanical pieces, as seen by an X-Ray, and they need only a touch to shine and turn.

How can we understand the process of automatic rewinding?

By putting the wheels in the correct order and watching the flux of energy recharge the barrel.

And how can one understand energy regulation?

By tapping with the tip of your finger to the rhythm of 4 Hertz needed for the functioning of the movement.

And how can one understand the heart of the movement?

By rebuilding, piece by piece the balance spring, as we have done in our workshops. It is only once these steps have been accomplished that the watch can finally work.

Come and give it a try at our factory.

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