Prix de Lausanne 2017

Emile Chouriet, partner of Prix de Lausanne 2017

The coming-together of two disciplines

The Emile Chouriet workshop is proud to support the 45th edition of the Prix de Lausanne, which takes place from 29 January to 5 February 2017.

The first is a ballet of hour and minute hands moved by a mechanical heart, while the second is the gentle agility of a muscular body: watchmaking and the dance are age-old disciplines that travel along the same roads. Creative expression, artistic and technical mastery, precise hand gestures and the transmission of expertise are all values shared with grace and emotion in these two worlds.

Like the Prix de Lausanne, considered “the top ballet competition in the world“, the watchmaker Emile Chouriet was created in Switzerland, but is international in scope. Its work is based on local watchmaking culture, and it produces its timepieces in its Geneva workshop, with most of the watches being exported abroad.

What's more, Emile Chouriet has a very open policy in terms of transmitting knowledge, with apprenticeships providing young watchmakers in the workshops with the tools they will need for the future.

From these shared elements and values arose Emile Chouriet's wish to support the 45th Prix de Lausanne and take part in training young dancers. A wish that is now a great source of pride, since Emile Chouriet is now one of the partners of this major competition.

About the Prix de Lausanne

In 1973, the first competition for young dancers was founded by Philippe and Elvire Braunschweig, and supported by Maurice Béjart, Rosella Hightower and the Royal Ballet School of London.

44 years later, the Prix de Lausanne, currently directed by Shelly Power, is broadcast to the four corners of the planet, and enjoys a major international reputation. Its 45th edition will be held from 29 January through 05 February 2017.