Lauren Hunter, Emile Chouriet scholarship winner of Prix de Lausanne

SD: Dear Lauren, you participated to the Prix De Lausanne, how was your week in Lausanne (masterclass, professors, others candidates,..) ?

LH: My week at Lausanne was an unforgettable one. I had the most amazing time there, learning from master teachers, meeting wondering dancers, and getting in contact with major ballet schools.

SD: How did you feel when you won the prize?

LH: Initially, I was shocked to have one a prize. I went to Lausanne for the experience and never expected to win. I was overjoyed.

SD: In your last email, you explained that you’re participating to others competitions and you just win the one in California, congratulations ! Could you explain us what are your next steps or competitions you will attend ?

LH: I just recently won the Spotlight Music Center competition in California and I am right now at the Youth America Grand Prix New York Finals. I passed to the final round and then I won the bronze medal! My next step is to prepare for a ballet recital of La Bayadere and I will be dancing the lead role, Nikiya.

SD: You have chosen the Royal ballet of London, could you explain to us (inexperienced !) what kind of school it is? How the art and techniques are transmitted, how the knowledge is pass on ?

LH: Attending the Royal Ballet School has been my dream since the beginning of my ballet journey. It is a boarding school with ballet and academics and is also connected to the Royal Ballet company. I aspire to become a ballerina in the Royal Ballet company when I grow up. Going to the school is my first step. The school has wonderful teachers who train us to not only perfect our technique but also to learn about artistry which I really enjoy.

SD: How is your daily life now ? Could you give us an example of your typical day in London ? Breakfast, schedule, class, hobby, how you refocus/relax yourself, where you live ?

LH: Right now I am homeschooled and dance as much as I can. I usually wake up and do lots of school work in the morning then go to a class in the early afternoon. I usually take a break for lunch/dinner then I have an evening class that’s usually followed by some type of rehearsal.

SD: You grow up in California ? Did you ? So different from the European way of life! Could you speak about your favorite aeas or favorite things to do there ?

LH: I was born in South Korea and moved to America when I was 2 years old. I grew up in Texas until I was 10 yrs, then we moved to Southern California. I love to go to the beach here in California and the amusement parks like Disneyland.

SD: You wear now (perhaps ☺) an Emile Chouriet watch, what do you think about our brand ?

LH: I never owned such a nice watch before. I love to wear my watch for all occasions. It’s simple enough to wear all day to casual events and also fancy enough to wear to formal galas, etc. It’s so elegant to beautiful. Thank you!!!

SD: Thank you for your time !

Sophie Depéry