SD: You have just visited our factory, what are your impressions?

AS: A very interesting visit, in a field I do not know much about it. I learned a lot of things that I totally ignored, such as the composition of a watch, parts and machines for control, etc.)

SD: The alliance of talents, what does it mean for you?

AS: The alliance of talents is important because each one brings its skills to our society, in the respective fields and it is very important to have gifted people in each branch.

SD: What is your relationship with Geneva and its region?

AS: I am very attached to this city. I was born and raised here until I was 18 years old before leaving for Sion for 4 years. It was very difficult to leave this city where my family and friends were living. But in life, one must know how to take risks in order to reach a course. I admit to being lucky and happy to be able to exercise my profession, moreover, within the flagship club of "my" city: Le Servette FC.

SD: What are your tips about Geneva and around? For a person visiting Geneva, what would you advise him?

AS: The old town, climb up the cathedral to see a beautiful view, going to the lake and observe the Water Jet, have a drink in the cafe ‘La Clemence’ on the Bourg-de-Four square; I like also to see (or to play) a football match at the ‘Stade de Genève’, to see a hockey match at the Vernets skating rink and to climb up the Salève to admire Geneva, the most beautiful city in the world.

SD: You, what do you like in watchmaking?

AS: The coordinated work, all the little details to care about, the precision of the gestures with these tiny pieces and see a finished watch knowing all that happened to arrive at this beautiful object.

SD: A talented footballer, you create a dream. What do you think is fascinating to the public?

AS: I think it is the fact of being a bit of "Messi" or "Ronaldo" in the eyes of (young) fans. I went through there, so I know what they feel. Nothing but having a photo, an autograph of a player of the historical club that is the SFC. And there may be also the fact that some people just like the way I play football, my personality on and off the field.

SD: Thank you for your visit!

Sophie Depéry