#the world of tomorrow

Cédric Mulhauser, production manager of our watchmaking factory, participate to the movie produced by «L’Industrie de Genève».

At Emile Chouriet, we are very sensitive to training, it is one of our main values. In our team, we have more than 5 watchmakers in training at IFAGE. We have allowed several people in conversion to build a new and exciting carreer in the watch industry.

Similarly, with our sponsorship of the Prix de Lausanne, international ballet competition, we wanted to offer scholarships to encourage young talents of tomorrow. And also, at the first Dance Festival in Geneva, we also supported this event which promotes the most promising ballet schools in Europe.

It is with great pride that we present Cedric’s participation Mulhauser, watchmaker, head of production, as an example for Geneva’s new generation. We hope that through this movie in our watchmaking factory, it will have been able to create vocations. The watch industry is an exciting and very dynamic field, where the example and transmission of know-how are decisive.

The Geneva industry has created a campaign to raise awareness of the professions in the Geneva industrial tissue. It was financed by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Geneve Services, the Geneva Industrial Union, the Canton, and the Office for the Promotion of Industry. This campaign is committed to create vocations to ensure the succession of young people:

«It is a fact: despite its many assets, the Geneva industry is not well known by young generation. However, it is particularly dynamic on the territory, focused on new technologies and R & D, with companies that can claim to be leaders in their field.

In response to this lack of image, the campaign «the world of tomorrow» seeks to introduce to young people Geneva industry, as well as training programs, innovations and the excellence of a dynamic sector that shapes the world and our future.»