Emile Chouriet manufactory is in the running

Joining UBS Bank as a major co-sponsor, the Emile Chouriet Manufacture is proud to support, for the very first time, the renowned Swiss mountain race, kicking off 12 August.

Also called “La Course des cinq 4000”, or the Race of the five 4,000-meter peaks, the Sierre-Zinal has often been considered one of the most beautiful mountain courses in the world and, reported as the New York Marathon of mountain races, it is the oldest of its stature in Europe. The Sierre-Zinal, which passes through the heart of the Valais Alps, offers participants the momentous challenge of a 31km, 2200 m ascent and 1100 m descent. Breathtaking scenery, a welcoming atmosphere and outstanding organisation account for the longstanding success of the Sierre-Zinal. And this year, the Sierre-Zinal is indeed part of the international Golden Trail Series, the 5 most prestigious mountain races running across the globe!

Like the Sierre-Zinal, the Emile Chouriet Manufacture has solid regional roots, also enjoying an international reach. Backed by watchmaking savoir-faire that has become increasingly sophisticated through the generations, Emile Chouriet produces timepieces in its Geneva manufacture, exporting them to all parts of the planet.

The Sierre-Zinal has managed to create a decades-old legacy that survives generations and the course itself has remained the same for over 40 years. Mountain know-how can’t be improvised, as it is valuable expertise that is learned and certainly modernised, yet still passed down from one generation to the next.

Likewise, the Alps attract runners and visitors from around the world, as it is an adventure and adrenaline-filled mountain wonderland. These common values are the very things that drove our desire to support the Sierre-Zinal.

The Alps themselves also acted as a powerful muse for Emile Chouriet and its mountain-inspired Ice Cliff model in particular. Featuring razor-sharp edges and acute angles, these sporting styles conjure the image of jagged rock and ice, spurring us on to challenge our own limits and constantly raise the bar. What better event than the Sierre-Zinal to provide an ample proving ground for these Emile Chouriet automatic watches?

The Emile Chouriet team is looking forward to seeing you at Sierre on 12 August at 5 am sharp to kick off yet another awe-inspiring adventure.