From ancient Egypt to Imperial China, the lotus flower or water lily has fascinated mankind for millennia, inspiring countless designs from religious relics to architectural motifs and ceremonial jewelry. Submerging every night into the water and rising anew the next day, the lotus blooms in a seemingly miraculously way. In China, the lotus is cherished as a symbol of truth, kindness and beauty. With its lush petals, which can come in several colors, there is a majestic grace about the waterborne flower.

While the symbolic lotus is already a distinguishing feature in various Emile Chouriet Fair Lady models, the new Fair Lady Dream Night elevates the artistry of the lotus by combining a number of different artisanal techniques for a celestial homage to the wondrous flower. To depict the intricate beauty of the lotus flower, natural white mother-of-peal has been meticulously cut and arranged in a way that creates a three-dimensional visual effect, with a mosaic geometric pattern that mimics the rising petals of the sacred flower. The natural pearlescent material gives the central element of the dial a heavenly aspect – truly the stuff of dreams. Perfectly complementing the luster of the mother-of-pearl is the astral backdrop of the dial. Resembling a clear, starry night sky, the dial is crafted from aventurine, a deep blue mineral glass with metal flecks that sparkle with colorful reflections of light. The rounded blue hands mimic the form of leaves, and are open to allow as much visibility on the dial as possible while retaining legibility. At once romantic and poetic, the mother-of-pearl lotus seemingly floating against the firmamental aventurine captures the radiant beauty of the lotus flower through space and time.

Perfectly proportioned for women’s wrists, the round stainless steel case of the Fair Lady measures 29mm wide, with a concave bezel that provides a soft curvature to the piece. The crown and uniquely shaped lugs are inlaid with blue Swarovski crystals for an elegant and whimsical touch. Completing the watch is a minimalistic black calf leather strap and steel buckle, allowing the case and its dial to truly stand out. Powering this work of wearable art is the calibre EC5316, an automatic ETA-based movement with a power reserve of 38 hours when fully wound. An enduring symbol of feminine beauty and an ode to a natural marvel, Emile Chouriet once again makes it mark on women’s watches with the Fair Lady Dream Night.